The Love Thieves

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The Love Thieves

The Fortunate Buddha #1

Anya Swift loves adventure and as an art recovery specialist, she is always on the move. She has never been caught, until she goes after the Fortunate Buddha. Unfortunately—or perhaps fortunately, being caught by a hidden flat cam offers her the perfect opportunity to ask Maxwell Sauvage for help. After many short and intriguing meetings with Anya, Max has been trying to find her for years and when she saunters up to him to request his assistance, how can he turn her down? With the French Ambassador’s men hot on their heels they work together to save Anya’s life and her job. There has always been desire between them but as their journey progresses they discover that there might be something more there as well.

Anya enjoys being with Max in his bed as well as out of it but because of her secret she doesn’t feel that they can stay together. So when she starts having feelings for him she’s not sure what to do about them.

Maxwell has been bored by life amongst the wealthy. Being with Anya is like a breath of fresh air. With her quick wit, beauty and skill as a thief, no other woman could capture his attention or his heart like her.

These characters were both very clever and fun. They complimented each other very well and kept each other on their toes, along with this reader. The plot moved quickly but not so quickly that it lost sight of the budding love between the characters. The description of the scenery made me feel as though I was walking down the chilly streets of London and twirling with the other dancers at the ball. The love scenes were sensual and stimulating and the tender moments were wonderful. I can say that this reader thoroughly enjoyed the adventure and has finished this story half in love with Max. I certainly hope for opportunities in the future to see how these characters are getting along.

A very splendid read by Heather Long.

Book Blurb for The Love Thieves

Set in Morocco, London and Switzerland, The Love Thieves takes Anya and Max on a powerful journey full of passion and chemistry that sparks on the page from their first dance to their last.

Maxwell Sauvage was born into a life of privilege…and boredom. As a “security consultant” to the powerful, he enjoys pitting his wits against the most intricate of security systems for business and pleasure.

Anya Swift is a woman with high-class tastes and a high-octane need for adventure. As an operative for International Art and Antiquities Recovery she stays just on the ‘right’ side of the law, while satisfying her desire for the finer things and her thirst for adventure.

When a high tech camera catches Anya taking The Fortunate Buddha from the French Ambassador’s vault, Max is eager to help the provocative thief for his own reasons, not the least of which being that he set the camera. But after one stunning night of passion, Anya disappears. Now Max must find Anya before the Ambassador’s men and claim the thief for his own, but they are running against a clock, danger and deception.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.50