The Last Machine in the Solar System

"The Last Machine in the Solar System" is a thin book with a long title. Between its pages it does have an interesting story.

The story is the autobiography of an android that covers the span of human kind from the present until its demise. It looks hard at our human failings and greed and our self-destructive tenancies.

The writing and pacing fit the plot. The narrator uses a large vocabulary and scientific jargon at times. It does seem a bit robotic and dry from time to time but occasionally there is emotion, mostly when he talks about his maker. Other times, he describes situations that happened to people in an unemotional and unfeeling way. But it works for the story because the main character and the only character in the present tense is a robot.

I would have enjoyed a longer book. I think it could have been fattened up and it would have been a more exciting story if the main character could have been among the humans as some of the more dramatic events had occurred.

It would be neat if aliens come and picked up Johnathan and his story continued.

Book Blurb for The Last Machine in the Solar System

Nearly three billion years into the future, the solar system is a very different place. Earth is long gone, and the sun is a gray, shrunken dwarf. All that remains of humanity and conscious thought is Jonathan?the last machine.

Created to survive Earth’s destruction by our ever-expanding sun, Jonathan witnessed the end of life on Earth. This is his story and that of his creator, Nikolai. It is also the story of the human race, which failed to disentangle its destiny from the star that gave rise to all life-forms on Earth.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 3.50