The Christmas Curse

This is a cute romantic comedy with a mystery at the heart of it. I enjoyed how the main character let superstition rule her life and I think it makes a nice excuse as well. Of course I'm a sucker for the tough cynical detective who has a very soft side. The secondary characters are funny and help move the story along. The overall story is fun and fast paced and a great holiday read.

Tessa Stevens has been cursed her entire life. Anytime she cares for a man, bad things happen to him. Therefore, she has kept herself at a distance. When her soon-to-be ex-husband Max is murdered, she can't understand why. She never loved him. In fact, that's why she married him. Now her life is thrown for a loop when Detective Jack Sloane, the only man she's ever loved, is investigating the murder. As the case progresses, Tessa can't help herself from loving him. If she doesn't do something soon, something might happen to Jack and she can't bear the thought.

Book Blurb for The Christmas Curse

Tessa Stevens’ recipe for the ultimate Christmas disaster: Start with a family curse courtesy of one ticked off voodoo priestess, mix in a dead ex-husband, sprinkle in a sexy homicide detective named Jack Sloane who happens to be an ex-lover with an ax to grind, and it might just be the Christmas from hell. Can she ignore a family legacy that spells trouble for any man she loves even if in her heart she knows Jack will always be her one true love? Will love win out over a century old curse?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00