Taking Control

1 Night Stand Series

Mellie is someone that every woman can empathize with. Always searching for love and always hurt. I love that when she finally lets loose and stops trying so hard, happiness falls in her lap. Alex and Mellie have a sexy and fun chemistry from the moment their eyes meet that stays electric through the entire story. The plot flows nicely and the ending is a sweet Happily for Now. Very nicely done Ms. Nelson.

After being humiliated publicly when she was voted off the Find Your Hubby Reality TV show Mellie is done with love. Instead she decides to try Madame Eve’s One Night Stand service on a paradise island. When she signed on she gave Madame Eve a list of fantasies and Alex is the exact fantasy that Mellie never knew she needed. At first she is unsure of having a one night stand with a woman but she soon forgets her nerves and thoroughly enjoys her time with Alex.

Book Blurb for Taking Control

Looking for Love...

After being voted off Find Your Hubby, a reality TV show, Mellie gave up on finding love. Instead, she spends her final check on a spur of the moment fling, paying for a matchmaking service that offers the perfect person-For One Night Only.

Can you buy passion?

When the ‘perfect person’ turns out to be a woman, Mellie first questions Madame Eve’s choice...then her own desires. (Heat 4 / 6,600K)

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.50