Outlaw Pizza

A Christmas Tale

Gift giving and Christmas have been outlawed for a long time. For every law there are those who fight against it. If nothing else, then for the thrill of breaking the law.

In this story, the main character and his friend Jake go out for some pizza and decide to "rob" a few people along the way.

By the end of the night, they've given away most of their money and try to shake down Skid-row Al, who decides to show them how to be a real criminal like him.

Along the way he tells fantastic tales of a time when people celebrated 'Christmas' and the two main characters can't believe such stories and yet, Al seems to be telling the truth.

This is a cute short that makes you think, what if there were no Christmas? What if people didn't give. That would be a sad and dark world indeed. It's fun and quirky. From start to finish Mr. Bartholomew creates fast moving and full plot in only a short amount of time.

Book Blurb for Outlaw Pizza

Ever since they outlawed giving presents, only outlaws give presents.

What would happen if gift-giving and Christmas were outlawed? Some guys would do stuff just because they were told they couldn't. For a couple of young desperadoes, looking to make reputations, laws were meant to be broken … especially when they're hungry for pizza.

A short work of alternate history from our Orbits line.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 3.00