Maybe I Do

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Maybe I Do

A Whiskey and Weddings Novel, #1

Charlotte is a successful businesswoman who is one of the more sought after wedding photographers in the business. She may be cynical about love but she is the best at capturing it. Dean is a co-owner of a successful bar/brewery along with two of his friends. They became more popular when they opened their large room for wedding receptions. Now they are always busy. But Dean doesn't mind too much, not when a certain photographer is there. And when he has to plan his sister's wedding, he knows just the person to ask for help, but because she is younger and works with him on weddings, he is determined to keep his distance, no matter how tempting she is.

This is a nice cozy romance. The build-up of tension both before the start of the story and during their time working close together is perfect. They both are jaded and both don't believe in love, but the desire between them has other ideas. I like how the romance is slow to build and has bumps along the way. And I always enjoy when the characters are flawed and I can sympathize with them. The secondary characters are three dimensional and have their own personalities, which is refreshing. I get tired of having background characters who are basically props that are their to say specific thing in a cliche' way. It's nice that they have plans and schemes and flaws and lives of their own off-screen if you will. It makes this world and the story feel more real.

Book Blurb for Maybe I Do

She doesn’t believe in fairy tales. He is married to his job. Maybe whiskey is the secret ingredient that will bring them together—and give true love a shot in Nicole McLaughlin's Maybe I Do?

Wedding photographer Charlotte Linley loves her work—even though she hates weddings. Sure, she still holds a grudge after being left at the altar by her high-school sweetheart. But today Charlotte is just happy to have complete control over her career, which is flourishing. Especially since she joined forces with one of the three gorgeous owners of The Stag, a boutique distillery that has become Kansas City’s hottest wedding venue.

Dean Troyer, bitter after the end of his own marriage, knows that Charlotte is the real deal—beautiful, talented, and successful. He may flirt with her every time she comes to The Stag but Dean is determined to keep his professional distance. . .particularly now that she’s helping him with his own sister’s wedding. The only problem? The more time Dean spends with Charlotte, the deeper their connection grows. Is this a rom-com cliché or could it be that these two jaded souls in the wedding business have finally found their real-life happily ever after?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.00