Marry Me on Main Street

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Marry Me on Main Street

Cricket Creek, #11

Susan has another chance at love with Danny, but even though a decade has passed she is unsure of whether she can take another chance with him.

I like how there are two different love stories in this book. Not only does Susan have to open up and take a chance on love, but Betsy has to learn that their is no age limit on romance either. Both men Danny and John are really spectacular guys. And both are very patient with their women. I like how the men like the women for their quirkiness and fun but I'm not sure if I would have been quite as patient. Susan finally learns to let go of her embarrassment and pride to learn what kind of guy Danny really is. And Betsy learns that just because John was rich, successful and previously married to a girl half his age, doesn't mean that that is what he want now, and that he is not so shallow to only date women who are trophy wives. We do get a look at Betsy's dedication to her daughter that most mothers feel but when she comes to town to visit her mom, she only pops in from time to time more like a filler.

The one other thing I enjoyed was how Danny had to grow and let things go too. He's such a people pleaser and works so hard to ensure that everyone in his family is alright that he has lost out on a lot of things in his life.

Overall a sweet little cozy romance.

Book Blurb for Marry Me on Main Street

In the latest Cricket Creek romance from the USA Today bestselling author of Wish Upon a Wedding, two people discover what it really takes to go after your heart’s desire...

In her small shop on Main Street, Susan Quincy sells handmade gifts and repurposed items. But she can’t part with the beautiful rocking chair she bought at an estate sale when its maker turns out to be Danny Mayfield. Even years later, Susan still cringes over how her handsome, popular high school crush only asked her to prom out of pity—or so she thinks...

Danny doesn’t know why Susan has avoided him for years, especially after the electric kiss they shared the night of prom. So when he learns that she wants him to craft more rocking chairs to sell at her shop, Danny can’t resist the chance to work on his passion and charm shy, beautiful Susan again—and this time, make it last...

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 3.50