In Loving Memory

Although I didn't read the first adventure of Charlie and Shaun, I really enjoyed this time traveling tale.

Charlie and Shaun are living their lives as he tries to figure out the present day world when quite suddenly they find themselves in England during the War and the air raids.This story is filled with great detail of the time. Not only the basics of what happened, but the reactions and realities of the people who lived through it. It covered the clothes and slang of the time without trying too hard. As I read it the current world fell away and I was swept into the past. There were some nail biting moments of suspense and many funny and quirky moments as well. I thought it touching that Charlie had an opportunity to get to know some of her family when they were younger and different people.

Charlie and Shaun are on another adventure together. Now they are in a more recent past than before. And this time it is a little more personal as her family is involved. Charlie and Shaun also find out that air raids and the war might not be the only threat to them and the ones they love.

Do they interfere and try to change the past or do they let fate play out it's hand?

Book Blurb for In Loving Memory

In this mesmerizing romance, a woman out of time falls in love with a man for whom time is running out.

In Winona Kent’s novel Persistence of Memory, Charlie Lowe, a young widow in Stoneford, England, was accidentally transported back to 1825, where she fell in love with Shaun Deeley, a groom employed at Stoneford Manor. They are only back in the present for seemingly a breath before a piece of wartime shrapnel sends them tumbling back through time to 1940, the height of the Blitz. There, they discover pieces of Charlie’s past that counter everything she thought she knew about herself.

Charlie and Shaun have decisions to make?do they interfere in time’s progress to save a man? Do they put their own future at risk by doing nothing? And how much time do these two lovers have left?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.00