Furyous Ink

A Pricked Title

This story is definitely thrilling. I love the variety of supernaturals in this story. It also tied in many Greek myths into a current day time. Marcus is one of my favorite types of heroes. Honest and good but with a wild untamed animal side. Megaera is sassy, tough, playful and sensual making her a very nice match to Marcus. This story is a page turner filled with twists and turns. There is a fantastic balance of action/fighting and steamy erotic love scenes. Add that all together with a nicely done murder mystery and you have a suspenseful plot. I enjoyed every minute of it and plan to read more from Saranna DeWylde.

Marcus has yet another murder to solve and soon. After finding matching Amazon tattoos on all four of the victims, he knows that the Amazons will be out for vengeance and war if he can’t solve the mystery. Following the one tie they have in common, their tattoos, he meets Megaera who causes desire in him the instant he meets her. He’s a Lycanos and she’s a Fury. They mark each other and are mated which causes them to return to each other’s embrace over and over again. They both have secrets that cause them to fear their bond. As they work together to solve the murders they must conquer their fears. Can they make this powerful bond work or will they let their fear rule them?

Book Blurb for Furyous Ink

Marcus Kage has four dead women on his hands. As a detective, he knows that’s more trouble than his city needs. As a Lycanos, he knows that’s more trouble than his city can handle. A tattoo found on each vic identifies them as Amazons, and Athena’s tribe of warrior women need half an excuse to start a war on a good day. A clue leads him to the artist who tattooed the victims—and suddenly Marcus can barely keep his horny beast at bay.

As a Fury, Megaera Eumenides can see straight to the soul of a man, and she likes what she finds in the strong, honorable Alpha. They claim each other, mark each other, and with every heated mating their bond grows stronger. Life would be just about perfect if they didn’t have a supernatural assassin to avoid…and Marcus’ past haunting him…and Meg’s secrets to overcome…and a murderer on the loose. (Novella)

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.50