Elisha Mancer

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Elisha Mancer

Dark Apostle, #4

With Thomas back on the throne and Bridget thwarted for now, Elisha decides that he must go and stop the Mancers from around the world. They aren't just a problem in London but everywhere in the world. They are in control of some of the most powerful and influential figures and Elisha worries about the Pope.

As usual nothing is easy and the Mancers know where he is and what he's up to. And there are some pretty powerful Mancers trying to stop him.

Again Elisha is alone on his journey with enemies all around. He continues to try to do the right thing but it seems fate is determined to put obstacles in his way. He makes a few friends along the way but they may not be able to help him in the long run. Things get pretty dark and there are some drastic and awful moments. He loses friends and innocent lives are lost. He can't win for losing, but somehow he is able to overcome some very difficult odds. Things are far from finished and knowing Elisha, he will continue to fight for good and use his powers to rid the world of evil. Maybe soon he will have some friends to help him along the way.

Book Blurb for Elisha Mancer

E.C. Ambrose's gritty, sharp historical fantasy series, The Dark Apostle, follows Elisha Barber through a magical reimagining of 14th-century England

Elisha was once a skilled barber-surgeon, but healing is no longer his finest art. After discovering his exceptional potential for a singularly deadly magic, Elisha has slain a king, stopped a war, and even had the regency thrust upon his own commoner’s head until he could rescue the true heir, Thomas.

With Thomas back on the throne of England, Elisha must now work on his king’s behalf to fight an even greater threat than civil war: the specter of the necromancers, a shadowy cabal that has already corrupted priests and princes, and that may have even grander, darker plans.

Elisha travels to the continent to warn England’s allies of the mancer threat, as well as to discover the full extent of the mancers’ plans. But it soon becomes clear that if he is to have any hope of stopping those plans from coming to fruition, he must forge new alliances in unexpected places—as well as embrace the terrifying magical abilities in his possession, a move he fears will make him into just the kind of man he strives against.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.50