Don't Fear the Reaper


After being killed Brea Tackett is offered a chance of redemption by becoming a reaper for the angel of death, Azreal. She does well at her job and is succeeding at becoming a better person. The only exception to the rule is Nox. She feels like she’s known him forever and is attracted to him. Little does she know, he was her guardian angel and it was Nox that struck the deal with Azreal to grant her another chance.

Nox has loved Brea since she was a child. He’d always been drawn to her. When she is shot, he can’t stand the idea of her going to hell. Trading in a favor with his brother, he gives her a chance. Afterward she moved to purgatory, he can’t stay away from her even though he knows that angels and humans are not supposed to fall in love.

Now Lui (Lucifer) is after Brea and Garrick, the human she’s sent to protect. Can Nox protect her from harm and find out why the forces of evil want her so bad?

This book is a fast paced and exciting read. Brea is a tough no-nonsense heroine and Nox is a man any woman could fall for. I love the good versus evil plot and the characters are unforgettable. I found myself rooting for Brea to win against the forces of hell and for Nox and Brea to find a way to overcome the odds and be together.

Book Blurb for Don't Fear the Reaper

When Brea Tackett is gunned down in cold blood her guardian angel is unable to leave her to face an eternity in hell. Nox knows Angels aren’t supposed to fall in love, but that rule was broken with Brea long ago. So he strikes a deal with Azrael, the Angel of Death, for the future of her soul.

Becoming a Reaper allows Brea a chance at redemption. Purgatory is a world unlike any she’s ever dreamed of—filled with Angels, Demons, and temptation. But with training and the desire to succeed, she’s walking the straight and narrow, with one exception—Nox.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.25