Desperate Housewives of Avalon

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Desperate Housewives of Avalon

Nobody does fun, drama, love and naughtiness like goddesses on vacation. I love how each of the ladies on the island are a red hot mess in one way or another and at the same time they are strong independent women. The men…oh, what to say about them? They are attractive manly men who know how to seduce a woman with their wicked ways and charisma but when it comes to these women they do not stand a chance. Although I liked each of the men, my favorite has to be Mordred. Sarcasm and snark roll off his tongue without a thought. As for the women, I could not choose. Each of them had qualities I could identify with, like Gwen’s obsession with gelato. What I learned: Do not tick off Aphrodite and Avalon is the best vacation destination.

The Story:

Artemis is known as the virgin goddess and she is tired of it. With a little nudge from Aphrodite she heads to Avalon to find the perfect guy to take her “innocence”. But it can’t be just any guy. He has to be very tough, very skilled and extremely naughty. Enter Mordred. While Artemis is having some fun, Aphrodite comes across plenty of things to keep her busy, including teaching Vivienne a lesson and getting over her ex. Gwen and Lance’s epic romance has turned into a dud a long time past and they finally decide to part ways. Now that they are free, romance is on the horizon. Amongst all the steamy new romances many other interesting fun things occur. There never is a dull moment at Avalon.

Book Blurb for Desperate Housewives of Avalon

The Desperate Crew is back with a romp through resort island, Avalon. Aphrodite convinces Artemis it’s past time for her to get her V-card punched. Artemis doesn’t want any messy entanglements, has a taste for bad boys, and the sexy Mordred Le Fey fits the bill. Too bad he’s cursed by the Lady of the Lake.

Aphrodite has had her fill of Love being used as a curse and decides to give Vivienne her comeuppance. She ends up with trials of her own when all she wanted was a vacation.

Secretly, Vivienne thinks she deserves to be punished because she’s been in love with Arthur since she handed him Excalibur and engineered the fall of Guinevere and Camelot.

Gwen’s marriage to Lancelot has been in name only since 1912—a fact that’s only made Avalon’s resident evil enchantress, Morgan Le Fey, too happy.

Come along for the ride as these goddesses take control of their Fate (or so they think) and find their Happily Ever Afters.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.50