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What a unique story idea. To have the power to create a being and not just any being but a beloved and powerful man that everyone knows or has met. He has been influential throughout time and has been integral to many of the famously creative individuals. Mathew Cannonbridge starts of as a polite charming gentleman but over time he morphs and becomes darker and chilling. I like that the author explains some of the more paranormal aspects of the story and how this plot is possible. But I am still curious about the origins of the island. It is explained but not in-depth and it would be an interesting story itself to delve deeper into the hows of the island. The main character, Toby is the most understated hero but he is also relatable. He is the underdog that seems to be one of few to understand the truth and he has to make some difficult decisions to do what’s right. A very fun story with a surprise twist at the end, that I didn’t necessarily like but it caught me off guard and it fits.

History is different and nobody seems to see it. After an epiphany Toby Judd sees a pattern and realizes that there is something not right about Mathew Cannonbridge but most people do not want to hear his radical theories. With the help of some strange individuals and unlikely allies, Toby is going to find a way to prove that Cannonbridge did not really exist and that something happened to change history.

Book Blurb for Cannonbridge

Something has gone wrong with history in this gripping novel about a lie planted among the greatest works of English fiction.

Flamboyant, charismatic Matthew Cannonbridge was touched by genius, the most influential creative mind of the 19th century, a prolific novelist, accomplished playwright, the poet of his generation. The only problem is, he should never have existed and beleaguered, provincial, recently-divorced 21st Century don Toby Judd is the only person to realise something has gone wrong with history.

All the world was Cannonbridge’s and he possessed, seemingly, the ability to be everywhere at once. Cannonbridge was there that night by Lake Geneva when conversation between Byron, Shelley and Mary Godwin turned to stories of horror and the supernatural. He was sole ally, confidante and friend to the young Dickens as Charles laboured without respite in the blacking factory. He was the only man of standing and renown to regularly visit Oscar Wilde in prison. Tennyson's drinking companion, Kipling's best friend, Robert Louis Stevenson's counsellor and guide - Cannonbridge's extraordinary life and career spanned a century, earning him a richly-deserved place in the English canon.

But as bibliophiles everywhere prepare to toast the bicentenary of the publication of Cannonbridge's most celebrated work, Judd's discovery will lead him on a breakneck chase across the English canon and countryside, to the realisation that the spectre of Matthew Cannonbridge, planted so seamlessly into the heart of the 19th Century, might not be so dead and buried after all...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 3.50