Beauty and her Beasts

A Berserker Mate's Story, 2

-Jakob and Kara return to his family to protect her from those who wish her harm. A hundred years ago he left his family and his twin without saying goodbye and now must face the consequences of his actions. Joran is hurt that his brother left. They are supposed to be closer than anyone else, then when he finds out Jakob mated with Kara without him, his anger intensifies. Now he feels like Jakob stole his chance at happiness and his control begins to slip. Can Jakob and Joran ever have the close relationship they both desire or will Kara inadvertently pull them even further apart? They need to resolve things quickly if they want to be strong enough to fight the Goddess who longs to see all the Beserkers dead.

-Kara is still trying to get used to the new world fate has thrust her into. Jakob has offered her protection and love, therefore she decides to leave her ‘normal’ life and stay with the man she loves. After meeting the sulky Joran, she is quite disconcerted to find herself connected and attracted to him. She has never been the cheating kind and she loves Jakob, so how can she want to be with Joran too?

-Jacob has always been jealous of his brother’s control. He also couldn’t stand his domineering ways. That’s why he had to leave. So he could learn to control his beast himself. Now he feels guilty. By mating with Kara without his brother, as tradition demands, he feels he has taken away his brothers chance at happiness but he had no choice.

-Joran has always been jealous of his brother’s strength, feeling that he is the weaker of the two. Then when his brother left him on his own, he feels betrayed. When his brother comes home with the mate that they both should have he can’t believe his brother’s audacity. As he spends time around Kara, he fights his attraction to her and loses his control rapidly. Now that his brother is there and he will never find a mate, what does life have to offer him? Where can he go? Will he be strong enough to fight temptation?

-This book is action packed and well written. The World Alexandra O'Hurley paints is rich with plot and historical myth's. The romance is tender, the erotica is scorching and the battles are violent and bloody. Everything a good warrior/erotica story needs. I really enjoyed seeing Odin and the other Gods and Goddesses in a flawed and human light. All of the characters are very real and likable. I am looking forward to reading about the last set of twins.

Book Blurb for Beauty and her Beasts

Jakob left his pack a hundred years before…to escape his controlling twin. He finally comes home, along with the mate he’s found along the way. Jakob knows having claimed her without Joran may tear their already tempestuous relationship apart, but in order to keep his new mate safe, there is no better place than with his family.

Joran has awaited the day his younger twin would walk through the front door. Seeing Jakob mated, Joran realizes his chance at happiness has been stolen from him. Yet he still feels the incredible pull of the beautiful Kara, even if she can’t be his. His steel-willed control falters for the first time in eons.

Kara is in the middle of this tug of war, her head already a whirlwind from leaving her life behind. Will she be the bridge to bring the twins together, or rip them further apart?

Be Warned: menage romance (MFM), menage sex, anal sex, violence.

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Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00