As Fate Would Have It

Due to bad plumbing and familial obligation, Brie finds herself with a new roommate at the cusp of her much needed vacation. Plans of relaxation become a pipe dream when Rye walks through the door. Instant attraction flairs between but they refuse to give in to temptation. After all this is only a temporary stay. In between landscaping together and flirting, Brie finds herself helping Rye solve some cases. And the more time they spend together the more the chemistry sparks between them.

Brie hasn’t seen much of Rye in quite a few years but she remembers how much they irritated each other as kids. And who could forget the time he tied her to a tree? Now that they are stuck living together she discovers that he still likes to make her blush but now he uses different methods. Also, he’s kind of likable once a girl gets to know him. Over time she gets so used to having him around, she doesn’t know what she’ll do when he leaves.

Rye is not certain how he feels about living with a woman he hasn’t seen in years but circumstances have left him no other option. When he moves in he decides to get her out of her sweats and into some lingerie. He realizes that there is something about Brie that gets to him. He can’t get her off his mind and can’t wait to get her into his bed. Driven to the point of distraction he decides to do what he does best: investigate and solve some crimes. Of course it doesn’t help him forget about his growing feelings for her, in fact it helps push them closer together. Now he must decide what his future holds and just what part Brie will have in it.

This story was cute and quirky. The characters were both very playful and I enjoyed their witty repartee. The plot moved at a nice steady pace allowing for the reader to watch the romance bloom between Brie and Rye. There were some great action scenes where Brie got to help save the day and some tender scenes where Rye showed how a man should care for a woman. The secondary characters such as the Aunts and the nosy neighbor ladies added quite a bit of charm and humor to the pages. It was a fun read with a satisfying ending.

Book Blurb for As Fate Would Have It

Brie welcomes her badly needed vacation, but one phone call tosses those plans out the window. Bad plumbing leaves Rye, a family friend, homeless. He moves in with Brie temporarily, turning her contented life upside down--challenging her into buying sexy lingerie, watching porn, and delving into his police investigations. The flare of excitement, not to mention the instant attraction between the two, turns into something more complicated.

The old ladies gossip group target Rye, a neighborhood couple isn't what they appear, and his repressed roommate watches porn and dyes his underwear pink.

What's a man to do but solve the case, catch the bad guys, and get his woman?

What's a woman to do but show him how it's done?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 3.50