A Succubus' Guide to Gold Digging


This story is fun and zany. Madison is not the average succubus on a normal day but now that she's lost everything, including her mojo, she is rather clumsy, awkward and a little pathetic. Luca is a gypsy, therefore he can't be trusted, obviously. Except that he is a pretty great guy. He and Madison work together well and compliment each others positives and negatives. Hijinks and a haunted mansion. Gypsies, succubi and erotic encounters and chuckle-worthy scenes make this a good read.

Madison had a perfect life. Her boyfriend of two years loved her, her mother gave a large monthly allowance and could shop for all the most trendy things she wanted. Then everything fell apart. She found out that her boyfriend is married with a family (in a very dramatic way) and her mother dies, leaving her nothing. Now she is homeless, penniless and powerless. She is as low as a person can get and must rely on a gypsy to help her save herself and hopefully, get her magic back.

Book Blurb for A Succubus' Guide to Gold Digging

All Madison ever wanted was to fall in love. For a Succubus coming from a long line of gold diggers, this makes her the black sheep of this strictly matriarchal family line. But with the mystery surrounding her mother’s unfortunate death after vaginal reconstructive surgery and Madison’s discovery that she’s been cut from the will, she decides to take up the family trade in order to hire a detective.

Regrettably, after being shot by the pregnant wife of her present sugar daddy, during her mother’s funeral, Madison’s is unable to use her powers of persuasion on men. This means she’s going to have to become a gold digger the old fashioned way. Lucky for her, long time con-artist, Luca takes pity on Madison and he’s willing to help. The fact that he has an Irish accent and looks like a Greek underwear model, is just icing on the cake.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00