A Different Kingdom

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A Different Kingdom

I loved the fantasy elements in this story. It reminded me of other epic adventure stories I've read before. Michael Fay is a farm town kid with dreams of an epic quest, knights, fairies and damsels in distress. After he meets Cat he is pulled into another world where he quickly must become a hero, but after much strife and hardship he realizes that his old life was much happier. This is a very fun creative story with many unique creatures and a thrilling antagonist.

The Story:

Michael Fay lives on his grandparent’s farm and has always wanted to go on adventures to see remarkable things. He loves fairy tales and wishes they were real. As a child he sees things that no one else does and wonders if it is real or his imagination. Too soon, he finds out.

Adventure fans will want to pick up this epic story.

Book Blurb for A Different Kingdom

A different kingdom of wolves, woods and stranger, darker, creatures lies in wait for Michael Fay in the woods at the bottom of his family's farm.

Michael Fay is a normal boy, living with his grandparents on their family farm in rural Ireland. In the woods there are wolves; and other things, dangerous things. He doesn’t tell his family, not even his Aunt Rose, his closest friend.

And then, as Michael wanders through the trees, he finds himself in the Other Place. There are strange people, and monsters, and a girl called Cat.

When the wolves follow him from the Other Place to his family’s doorstep, Michael must choose between locking the doors and looking away – or following Cat on an adventure that may take an entire lifetime in the Other Place.

This is Paul Kearney’s masterpiece.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 4.00