The Unexpected Wedding Guest

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The Unexpected Wedding Guest

The Wedding Season

As much as I enjoyed the pre wedding novella for the matrimony theme of the Harlequin Kiss line, The Unexpected Wedding Guest didn't thrill me. I found the book to be a decent read but I was highly disappointed by the writing style of Ms. Carson. I am usually a fan of her many titles, but this book was just a letdown for me. My biggest dilemma with this book was that there was too much chaos and it was hard to keep up with exactly what it was that was going on. The chemistry lacked between the hero and the heroine and it just wasn't as good as other Harlequin Kiss novels.

Reese Michael has spent years trying to get over how her marriage to Mason Hicks ended in a crash and burn scenario. Sure there is a lust, but a woman can't live on lust alone! Now Reese is engaged and ready to give love another shot by marrying a new man. The last person she ever expected to find at her wedding is her ex-husband, the only man she has ever loved and wanted.

Mason Hicks knows that he is Reese's own version of Kryptonite, but he has never been able to forget his ex-wife and woman that owns his heart. As teenagers Mason and Reese's love was wild and led to destruction and then to a divorce. Now, Mason is a man. A man that knows what he has missed in the years since his divorce was finalized and that is Reese. One way or another Mason is determined to get Reese back by any means necessary and that includes showing up the day that she is set to wed another man.

I really wished this book would have been a better read, but I was glad when I finished it. It’s not something I plan to reread. It’s not by any means a horrible read, but I found it lacking in chemistry and the entire novel just seemed overly rushed. I enjoyed the humor and the romantic twists of the novel, but in the end I certainly wouldn't add it to my list of favorite reads.

Book Blurb for The Unexpected Wedding Guest

"Surprised to see me?"

Getting caught in her wedding dress by her drop-dead-gorgeous ex-husband is Reese Michael's worst nightmare. Especially when her perfect-on-paper fiancé then cancels their wedding!

Reese has spent years trying to forget how her marriage to Mason Hicks crashed and burned—yes, their chemistry was incredible, but a girl can't live on lust alone! And what's a jilted bride supposed to do when the one man she could never forget is back in her life, as irresistible as ever? Mason might be her own personal brand of Kryptonite, but surely life is meant to be lived a little dangerously…?

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Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 3.00