The Highlander's Desire

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The Highlander's Desire

The Highlander's Desire has a strong foundation to be listed as a family saga style novel rather than that of a romance. It is well written and entertaining, but intensely missing the romance. This was my biggest downfall with the novel. Where is the romance? Well, I searched for it but never fully located it. I felt as if I was on a scavenger hunt to find the chemistry between the hero and the heroine rather than have Ms. Maguire deliver it to her readers.

Lachlann MacMillian was set to wed his first love Fiona and become the Laird of the Clan. The bridal price was paid in full to his betroths father, but before Lachlann could claim the beautiful Fiona as his own his enemy Cullen Macauley paid a higher price and thus Lachlann looses his bride to be. Years flash forward within the novel and once again readers find the similar plot of Lachlann having been contracted to wed a new maiden Catriona and once again becoming the Laird of the Clan. When Lachlann ship arrives at the clan pier suspicious discoveries are made including the finding of a limpness body of a young woman who has nearly been battered to death.

Anna MacIvar came to the Isale of Kilgorra to escape the Norse Country following the abrupt death of her father. Anna's life is forever changed when her mother weds and then perishes baring a son to her newly wedded husband. Since that day Anna's wicked stepsister Catriona has sought to make Anna's life a living nightmare by turning her into Catriona's own personal servant. Anna is a woman forced to keep many deadly secrets that Catronia is hiding including the arrival of Cullen Macauley who is also on the Isale to win Catronia's heart, after his first wife died suddenly. Upon Anna's meeting with Lachlann the two begin to fall in love with each other, but at a great price.

This novel though well written leaves many questions unanswered with its ending. The villain Cullen is deeply overshadowed by the hatred and rage of Catriona whom I believe to be the true villain of the plot. The novel in my own opinion is more of a saga of clans clashing both on the battlefield and in their maiden beds. Because of that focus it’s not in the truest sense a true romance novel. Fans, however of highlanders are sure to fall in love with this tale and Ms. Maguire truly creates an inviting tale of gruesome battles and wits. I only wish she would have taken such time with the romance of the story and then perhaps the novel would have been properly finished.

Book Blurb for The Highlander's Desire

To escape the ghosts of his past, warrior Lachann MacMillan will forge his place in the world through battle and cunning. What he doesn't count on is the passion of a lifetime . . .

For Lachann, safeguarding his clan comes before life, limb, and especially love. A political marriage in Kilgorra will ensure that MacMillan lands are protected; so much the better that his bride doesn't stir his blood. But what of the intriguing woman who arouses so much more . . . and lives in the very castle where Lachann is to wed?

A nna MacIver is content to serve in her stepfather's household despite the cruelty of her stepsister, Catriona. She has a sanctuary to which she can escape and no romantic notions to impede good sense . . . until Catriona's intended bridegroom arrives in Kilgorra and shows Anna the meaning of desire. Now, with a clan's future hanging in the balance, Anna and Lachann must decide if love is a risk worth taking . . .

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 3.50