Playing Dirty

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Playing Dirty

I tried hard to become involved in Playing Dirty, but honesty I just couldn't find what I was looking for in the plot. The writing style I liked overall, but the plot itself was too childish for my own taste. I was too overwhelmed by all of the drama caused by the hero, Quentin Cox and his band The Cheating Hearts to have actually liked the book itself.

Dirty is the second book in the Stargazer series. To be fair I didn't read the first book, but I liked the idea that the author was able to bring to life the characters from the previous novel into the squeal. It made it easier to relate to without having to go back and read the first book. I had no issues with heroine of Playing Dirty, Sarah Seville. In fact I found her to be rather professional in her approach to her “off limit” romance with Quentin.

I liked the fact that the novel was fast paced. The romance was decent as well as the sex and had it not been for the drama overkill I think that this book would have made for a better read. It wasn't a horrible read and it may appeal to fellow readers.


Sarah Seville has just spent the last nine months in Rio. As an expert in crisis management and a member of the Stargazer Public Relations she is use to babysitting rock stars. In order to keep the job she loves in New York, Sarah has a new assignment that is going to take her into the depths of Alabama and into the problems and arms of Cheating Heart's lead singer, hottie Quentin Cox.

As the lead singer of one country's leading bands Quentin knows how to play the media as easily as an instrument. There are three rules that he and the band follow in order to stay on track and that includes no sex with record label spies. As Quentin drawls closer to Sarah he breaks rule number three, but at a cost. Both he and Sarah have secrets that could prove deadly not only to their careers, but to the love that they have newly discovered.

Book Blurb for Playing Dirty

Who’s zooming who?

Sarah Seville knows how to handle a rock star. As Stargazer PR agency’s expert in crisis management, it’s her job to keep the talent in line. But she’s never encountered a star quite like Quentin Cox. The sexy, enigmatic leader of the raucous country band the Cheatin’ Hearts is full of secrets—the kind that could destroy the band before they finish their breakout album. Sarah’s mission: get up close and personal with the country heartthrob and find out everything she can before the band goes bottoms up.

Trouble is, Quentin is just as wily as he is irresistible. Convinced that the key to keeping the band together is helping him win his bandmate and former lover back, Sarah decides to play his latest fling and make his ex jealous. But long lingering nights in Quentin’s arms leave Sarah breathless— and wondering whether she’s fooling anyone but herself. She’s falling hard and fast for Quentin, and is in serious danger of bringing the band—and the man—to its knees. . . .

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 3.00