Lonely Lords, #2

Ms. Burrows writes an interesting read for 'Nicholas.' Set in the Regency Era, a marvelous landscape and setting is captured in the written word. However the book is the standard writing style of the author herself and there is nothing in 'Nicholas' that is enough to set the book apart from all the other books in which have been written. 'Nicholas' although well written certainly lacks the spark and chemistry that is vital to romance. The in depth struggle between both the hero and the heroine overpowers the book leaving little room for romance. The shadowy past of both characters tend to overtake the present day time period for the novel itself. Still, fans of Ms. Burrows work will surely find the book to be a decent read.


Nicholas Haddonfield is soon to inherit the title of Earl from his ailing father. Wealthy, charming handsome and single Nicholas has ladies lining up for the role of his potential bride, but not just anyone will suit him. By the word of his promise to his father he needs to wed a Countess and soon. That is until he meets a beautiful, dismal and in distress one night at a ball. For Nicholas the only way of saving the woman from her own cruel fate is by marriage. But he wants a marriage that will be on his own terms. Nicholas is far too haunted by the death of his mother to ever truly accept a woman and her wifely duties to him.

Leah Lindsey is no stranger to heartache. She has been living in the presences of the hatred that belongs to her father, a bitter feud that has left her desiring nothing more than freedom itself. So when she unexpectedly meets the handsome Nicholas, and he offers to save her from the life that she longs to escape from, it seems only logical to accept his aid in whatever manner he sees fit.

Together, both Nicholas and Leah find it difficult to shed the memories of their past all the while trying to find the true meaning of what it means to be happy and in love.

If this book was not published by the Casablanca imprint of Sourcebooks I think the book would not have looked as if it were neglecting the romance. It is more along the lines of historical fiction so much that its sole purpose is to entertain the readers by large number of secondary characters that are that of the author's series, 'The Lonely Lords,' rather than to tell the actually story of the hero and heroine.

Book Blurb for Nicholas

Heir to the Bellefonte earldom, Viscount Nicholas Haddonfield has made a promise to his dying father that he’ll marry before the Season’s over. When Nick meets Lady Leah Lindsey, he realizes he’s found not only a damsel lady in need of rescuing, but also a perfect countess of convenience. Then he spoils everything by falling in love with his wife…the one woman he can never, ever have.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.00