A Novel of Erotic Obsession

Lunch was originally published in the mid 90's and was reissued by Avon Romance in 2013. I think this is where the problem began with this book. The book was probably a good read when it was first published, but with all of the hype of Erotica reads right now I just couldn't get involve with the novel itself.

Nick Muncie is a superstar. He is accustomed to the pleasures that are the power of fame and his potential sexual charm. But Nick finds himself bored with his life. As he dines at a trendy restaurant he becomes attracted to the woman that can reunite him with a spark of fun. He needs entertainment in the bedroom. Nick is a man that gets what he wants and who he wants, but he never expects to be rejected by the beautiful artist that has captured his attention. Nick knows that he has to bed Olivia Morgan, if only for the sake of winning the seductive game he is about to play.

Olivia Morgan is talented and self-possessed. She is an artist and a woman that is impervious to Nick Muncie's charm. That is until Nick issues a cunning scheme. Olivia finds herself unable to resist the destructive cycle of blissful pleasure that Nick offers her. Soon, Olivia finds she is emotionally appalled to such a surrender and allows Nick to become consumed by his desires.

This novel was a decent read. It was well written but it lacked the sexual intensity of most modern day Erotic Romances. If not a fan of Erotica reads then this book might fulfill your appetite. However for those of us that are fans of the Erotica genres I think with Lunch there is much more left to devour.

Book Blurb for Lunch

For readers of The New York Times bestselling Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and Bared to You comes this intoxicating novel of passion and ultimate surrender . . .

As a mega-superstar, Nick Muncie is accustomed to having any woman he wants. But lately, he's become disenchanted—until he notices a stunning woman in the trendy London restaurant where he is having lunch. Much to his surprise, Nick's charms, which have never failed him before, fall flat with artist Olivia Morgan. Instead of feeling defeated, he becomes consumed with making her desire him. He commissions a portrait, and during the sexually charged sessions, the seduction begins as Nick engages Olivia in a twisted, erotic game of control.

Extremely talented and confident, Olivia believes she's immune to Nick's attentions. But it isn't long before she finds herself fantasizing about him and succumbing to his power to give pleasure yet cruelly deny it. As their lunchtime trysts quickly escalate, another player soon topples the rules and tests how far Olivia and Nick will go in their destructive cycle of submission and obsession.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 3.00