Loving the Marquess

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Loving the Marquess

A Landing a Lord Novel

I found Loving the Marquess to be a great novel penned by Ms. Mederios. Upon the introduction of the heroine, Louisa Evans, I think the book becomes very relatable to most readers. Louisa is a woman that will do anything to keep her family together and keep her siblings safe.

After the death of her father Louisa was left responsible with the task of raising her younger brother and sister. Together, living in a small cottage that was lost in a gambling incident by her father, Louisa knows what remains of her family are barely surviving and that she needs to make a change soon. Louisa never intended that change would be the confrontation with a man that she despises, but a man that strikes a very interesting proposal that will ensure the safety and survival of her siblings.

Nicholas Manning is now the Marquess of Overlea, a title that he was never supposed to inherit from his ailing father. His father and brother both have perished by a mysterious illness. An illness that Nicholas himself harbors deep within his body. Nicholas needs an heir and he needs one soon. Nicholas knows that the beautiful Louisa will make a proper bride as she is needy and desperate to save the lives of her siblings. Nicholas can use the knowledge in convincing her to marry him. The only decision that Nicholas has to make is whether to allow his best friend to conceive a child with Louisa. So to spare the child of the illness in which Nicholas truly believes he is dying from. Or will he take such the risk and sire an heir with the woman he loves?

As Nicolas and Louisa's marriage continues to grow so does their tolerance and love for one another. Louisa is reluctant to have a child with Nicholas's best friend, but if it means keeping the people she loves safe then Louisa will have to accept the burdens of fate.

This book is filled with many twists and turns and was a devouring read! It is very well written, seductive and romantic. I adored it! The sex scenes are toned down and not overly graphic, which followed with the smooth pace of the book. As I read the book I found myself rooting for Louisa and for Nicholas (who is a bit domineering at times) to find their happily ever after ending. Whether or not they do is something I will allow readers to decipher for themselves.

Book Blurb for Loving the Marquess

She is on the verge of losing everything...

To save her home and keep her two younger siblings safe, Louisa Evans must turn to the head of the family that ruined hers.

He needs an heir...

The Marquess of Overlea is starting to show signs of having inherited the same illness that killed his father and older brother. To prevent the marquisate from falling into the hands of an unscrupulous cousin, Overlea must secure an heir before that illness also claims him.

But he is determined not to be the father of that heir...

Overlea's plan is simple--marry the practical, yet desperate, Miss Evans and hold Louisa to her promise to provide him with an heir. But he waits until after they are married to tell his wife that he intends to have another man father that heir. His careful plan becomes complicated by an almost desperate need to claim Louisa for himself and an outside threat that proves even more dangerous than his illness.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 3.50