Into That Forest

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Into That Forest

A remarkable story of friendship, heart and survival Into That Forest will take readers into a journey of life's greatest miracles.

My introduction to Hannah, the heroine of the story. I found her sitting as an elderly woman of her seventies in the very house that she once was so desperate to escape. The walls were crumbling around her. Her speech is unique and is not spoken well due to her life living wild amongst the bush. Her education is limited, but Hannah is wise.

The story begins when Hannah recalls the tragic day when she, her beloved parents and a girl named Becky go for a picnic inside the bush. It was a day that would forever change the lives of Hannah and Becky. The aftermath of a sudden storm has left Hannah and Becky alone inside the bush, rescued by a single female Tiger.

Hannah and Becky's transformations begin there. The female Tiger accepts the girls as her own and together she and her mate begin to raise the girls. Soon, Hannah and Becky start to lose their image of being human. They know nothing but each other and their Tiger parent’s way. Their speech becomes something of a distant memory as their nocturnal instincts to hunt grow stronger.

Together the girls along with their Tiger parents survive in the bush for four years until one day they are suddenly rescued and torn from the parents in which they know by Becky's father. Forced to face the brutality of civilization once more and forever leave behind the image of the Tigers that have raised them, Hannah and Becky are uncertain of the future that now awaits them into a world that was once their own.

This novel not only captured my attention but also my heart. Its beautiful narrative voice brings to life the words as the landscape highlights the story. There was nothing that I did not like about this book. It was untamed like that of the Tasmanian bush and I highly applaud it.

Book Blurb for Into That Forest

We were lost, and the only thing that could help us were the tiger. The more I looked at its black eyes, the more I seen kindness, and I knew it were saying to us, Come, I'll take you home. This is the story of two girls lost in the Tasmanian bush, saved and raised by two Tasmanian tigers. This extraordinary novel will transport you to Australia's wild frontier and stay in your mind long after you've finished reading.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50