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A Fame Game Novel

Infamous brings to a conclusion author Lauren Conrad's Fame Series. This book was just a complete dull read for me. Whenever I was reading it I felt like I was an emotional roller coaster of teenage emotions when the characters were in their early twenties. Sometimes this works for YA adult novels, but this one was just a complete miss.

When I met the lead character, Madison Parker, I liked her. Witty and malicious Madison is a girl that knows how to rock the reality world of television. If this book would have been focused primarily on Madison I probably would have liked it. Instead Conrad felt the need to divide the chapters into various stars of the Fame Game reality show.

Kate was a snooze constant doubting herself and her potentials, Gaby is a pain killer addict fresh out of rehab and Cameron is the rich girl. It was a mix of ups and down's and with all of the switching back and forth between each character's point of view it made it impossible for me to connect with just one of the characters!

The storyline foundation was decent, but it reflected a lot of Conrad's own personal dilemma's on MTV The Hill's and each character of the book both hero and heroines could be accountable from Conrad's real life accounts from her own reality.

I think what was my biggest downfall about this book is Conrad's constant need to slander Ohio. As an Ohioan I did not care for the author's snarky attitude directed toward the state. I think that is a bit offensive and was repeated on more than one occasion. Overall this book is not something I would recommend for adults who are actively seeking YA novels. Preteen and Teens however might find this title to be enjoyable!

Book Blurb for Infamous

Infamous brings Lauren Conrad’s juicy, gossipy Fame Game series to a stunning conclusion.

As the star of MTV series The Hills, Lauren Conrad understands Hollywood life. She uses insider knowledge to tell the story of Madison Parker, Kate Hayes, and Carmen Curtis, stars of The Fame Game, the reality TV show that follows the girls as they try to become famous in L.A.

Kate and Carmen are about to become big stars, but they’re going to have to survive some backstage drama first. Madison is learning hard lessons about fame as she deals with backstabbing “friends” and family, out-of-control paparazzi, and a scandal reported in every tabloid.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 3.00