First Surrender

The Serafina: Sin City Series, #1

First Surrender was such a quick read that I finished it without being fully prepared for the novella to end. Then I arose at many questions about the characters, their romance and the story foundation. I liked this novella as an easy read, but there was nothing in it that actually thrilled me.

This novella is the kickoff of the Sin City series. Usually I am not a fan of short novellas, but I gave this one a shot hoping that that it would be enough to convince me to change my mind, it didn't. It wasn’t terrible, but it also wasn’t great. The writing style was basic, but well-written. But the novella lacked the sparks I expected for a series that has the word “Sin,” in it. I expected grueling sex scenes, an alpha hero, but I didn't receive any of that.

In this novella we meet Hayden, second in command of security at The Serafina Hotel. As a former seal Hayden has the instincts of a former solider and that includes protecting his longtime friend Sierra, a woman that has caused his blood to boil on more than one occasion. After Sierra is attacked by an unseen force Hayden takes it upon himself to protect the woman he loves, bed her, and most of all discover who it was the attack Sierra and why.

Sierra is the head chef at the same hotel. As a virgin undercover she has been lusting after Hayden for years. Allowing Hayden to protect her means connecting with the handsome seal on a totally new level, a level of hardcore sex. That is something Sierra is not used to. Together, she and Hayden must uncover the truth while exploring their fiery passion and the sudden rush that Sierra discovers in Hayden's bed.

This novella is fine for someone that is not looking to connect deeply with the characters. It is a very fast paced read and I had conflicts with catching up. It could have been just me, but in my opinion I think this novella could have been a little longer. The loose ends needed to be tied up a little more. I understand that a series is going to continue from this novella, but I don't think I will be reading it. This novella overall just wasn't my style.

Book Blurb for First Surrender

From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Katie Reus, the first novella in her newest series! First Surrender launches The Serafina: Sin City series

He’s dangerous, sexy, and everything she wants…

Sierra hit it off with Hayden from the moment they met. The dangerously sexy, tattooed ex-SEAL is one of the best friends she’s ever had—and the main star in her wildest fantasies. But he doesn’t see her that way. And she’d die of embarrassment if he found out she was still a virgin.

And he’s about to make his claim…

Hayden’s struggled to keep his attraction to the beautiful, dark haired casino chef a secret. He’s not good enough for her. But when an attacker targets Sierra, Hayden’s protective instincts go into overdrive. With the attraction between them burning out of control, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her and convince her they’re meant to be together.

The Serafina: Sin City Series, #1

Length: novella

Author note: First Surrender is part of the Wicked Firsts anthology. It can be purchased as part of the multi-author box set or individually.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 3.00