Lonely Lords, #3

Ms. Burrowes writes a truly romantic read for 'Ethan.' Ethan is wonderfully written with overly charming characters and a thoroughly enjoyable plot. This book is a must read with its romantic style and love scenes that will warm the soul and cherish the heart!

As an illegitimate son Ethan Grey was banished at the tender age of fourteen by his Earl father. He is woken to the harshness of reality. Handsome, witty and hiding the secrets of an abusive past Ethan has a lot to live and answer for, including being an actual father to his two young sons. That's just the problem however, Ethan doesn't have the desire nor the knowledge to care properly for his two sons. That is until the beautiful governess Alice Portman changes his mind. She provides qualified care for the two Grey hellcats and turns them into proper gentlemen. She not only does that, but also is Ethan's true salivation if only he will allow it.

Alice Portman knows that she is playing with fire when it comes to the desirable and very charming Ethan Grey. The man may possess poor parenting skills but he is a temptation. Alice is willing to try if only for the sake of caring for the man's children. Still, Alice has her own demons including hiding her own scandalous past in hopes of never having to come face to face with the person that is responsible for all of her heartache.

As a reader I tend to have very mixed feelings about Ms. Burrowes chosen writing style, however I highly recommend this book whether a fan of romance or historical fiction. It is sure to please anyone who takes the time to read it!

Book Blurb for Ethan

As an innocent boy of fourteen, Ethan Grey’s titled father sent him off to a third-rate boarding school, where he was sexually assaulted by Hart Collins, a thug of a lordling. Traumatized and enraged, it took every bit of strength for Ethan to bury his past.

Alice Portman is an earl’s daughter who has taken to governessing under an assumed name after her childhood was scarred by the same Hart Collins who went after Ethan. Alice comes to Ethan’s household to look after his two little boys, where together the two grow stronger. But just as they become intimate, Hart Collins turns up and unravels everything.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00