Breaking the Rules

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Breaking the Rules

I really enjoyed reading “Breaking the Rules,” by Jennifer Lewis. It is an unparalleled read that puts a twist on a classic, modern tale of what it means to find love by using fate as a guide.

Joe Figueroa is not only insanely handsome but credits himself with being an honest man. Honesty is what he expects returned when allowing a young gypsy to tell his fortune. The gypsy promises him that he will meet the woman that he is destined to love on that very night. Joe accepts the premonition only to live the next ten years in the hell fires that is his marriage to the wrong woman. Joe is determined to track down the once child fortune teller who has since grown into a beautiful, spell binding, attracted woman who immediately captures his eyes.

Susana Cigan knew this day would come, the day that the handsome stranger would return to her demanding to know why his marriage had failed. Joe is hardly recognizable in his own masculine features, yet for whatever reason fate has linked Susana to this man. A man that she had kept a secret hidden from for ten years, a secret that will forever reunite the aspiring lovers. But love comes at a price and while Susana is willing to risk her abilities for the sake of love, it will take all of her being before she can convince Joe that true love conquers all.

Breaking the Rules proved to be an incredible, short, romantic read. I really liked both the hero and the heroine, but it’s difficult as a reader to fully connect with the characters. There is little information that is provided as a back story of what exactly Joe and Susana's life had been like before they are reunited into a blissful state. Still I enjoyed the book nevertheless.

Book Blurb for Breaking the Rules

A fortune teller predicted Joe Figueroa would meet the love of his life that very night, so he took fate by ?the horns and chose his wife. Now his marriage and his naval career are in ruins and he’s got a bone to pick with that psychic. When he tracks her down the haunting gypsy beauty doesn’t look a day older, just more entrancing than ever.

Did Joe choose the wrong woman to marry that night?

Susana Cigan barely recognizes the man whose fate she’d once seen linked with hers. Yet Joe awakens something inside her that stirs her body and threatens her psychic gift. She’s tired of her gypsy heritage confining her in a narrow world of tradition and superstition and knows she could lead this wounded and hostile stranger on a journey to redemption. Will she dare to follow her heart and venture into unfamiliar—and? sensual—territory with this man who threatens to break all her rules?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 3.50