A Bad Boy is Good to Find

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A Bad Boy is Good to Find

A Bad Boy is a Good Find lived up to my exceptions of what a short, sexy novel should be! As an established fan of author Jennifer Lewis, I was not disappointed when I read her latest title! The sex scenes and oh so juicy encounters will be a treat to readers as well as leave them with a strong desire for more!

Lizzie Hathaway has it all, including being an heiress to an empire that she never wanted. Throughout her existence Lizzie has struggled to live up to the higher standards set forth by her parents and her self-esteem has paid the price.

In steps Conroy Beale. Conroy has a way of making Lizzie feel like she is a princess, worthy of acceptance. As her blissful happiness endures Lizzie learns that Conray is hiding a deadly secret, a secret that will change the course of her life forever.

Conray Beale is gorgeous, wealthy and well educated. He's the perfect match for Lizzie Hathaway. If anything Conray really cares for the woman that he intends to marry, even if that means that he doesn't believe in true love. When rumors begin to swirl around his secret, Conray plans are blown into a heated, flame of passion and betrayal. Conray can only hope that he can regain the love and trust of the woman he desires. He wants to love and prove to himself once and for all that he is capable of loving Lizzie.

I think all women (myself included) are attracted to a bit of a bad boy! If readers are looking to spice up their lives for a few short hours, then look no further! The sex scenes in this book will ignite that spark! I personally didn't find the love scenes to be overly graphic, but if you are a bit shy when it comes to sex keep this in mind before picking up your copy of this title. After all Jennifer Lewis proves that sometimes in life A Bad Boy is a Good Find!

Special thanks to Mangrove Publishing for not only entrusting me with this arc for review but for enjoying my reviews so much that I am now in approval for all future titles!

Book Blurb for A Bad Boy is Good to Find

When New York heiress Lizzie Hathaway finds out the man of her dreams is only after her money—which is now all gone—she knocks him unconscious with a champagne bottle, and runs off.

Conroy Beale may be a little wayward, but he’s not heartless. When his quiet, studious Lizzie goes on a dangerous partying binge, he tracks her down, kidnaps her, and forces her to dry out. Lizzie wants revenge on everyone, including Con, and he reluctantly agrees to go along with her scheme to exploit her unwelcome notoriety for money.

Her plan explodes in her face when she drags Con and a camera crew back to the Louisiana swamp he’s been running from all his life. Now Con must confront the pain he tried to escape, Lizzie fights feelings that don’t follow any script, and there’s that troublesome attraction that threatens to boil the bayou…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50