Dearest Cousin Jane

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Dearest Cousin Jane

A Jane Austen Novel

Rating: DNF

Dearest Cousin Jane is not about Jane Austen or a re-write of one of her novels, but rather about her extended family. It sounded interesting. If I'd gotten to the halfway mark, I may have found it interesting. However, I couldn't push myself past the first few chapters.

Dearest Cousin Jane was very hard to read. I found myself, even after several chapters, unable to understand who was speaking, and which characters were which. The writing was very formal and good, and matched the time period, so I'm not complaining about that. I just didn't like the fact that I didn't understand what I was reading, and had to go back and re-read several times.

Dearest Cousin Jane got higher ratings on Amazon and Goodreads. Please check out some other reviews.

Book Blurb for Dearest Cousin Jane

In Dearest Cousin Jane, an enchanting new novel that draws on historical fact, Jill Pitkeathley paints a luminous portrait of the true-life cousin of a literary legend—from her flirtatious younger years to her profound influence on one of the world's most beloved authors.
Free-spirited and seductive—outrageous, precocious, and a well-known flirt—Countess Eliza de Feuillide has an unquenchable thirst for life and a glamorous air that captivates everyone around her. Rumored to have been born of a mad love affair between her mother and the great Warren Hastings of the East India Company, Eliza sees the world as her playground—filled with grand galas, theater, and romance—and she will let nothing hold her down. Even tragedy cannot dim her enthusiasm. Losing her only child at an early age and widowed when her husband—the dashing French count Jean de Feuillide—is claimed by Madame la Guillotine during the dark days of the Reign of Terror, Eliza is determined to remain indomitable, unpredictable, and unfettered. And it is this passionate spirit that she brings to a simple English country parsonage to influence the life, the work, and the world of her unsuspecting cousin . . . a quiet and unassuming young writer named Jane Austen.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 2.75