Fate can be fickle. She knows better than you do who is right for you..the other half of your soul.

A parent who is only after his own goal and never puts your health, wellbeing or wants ahead of their own is nothing more than a sperm donor and you are much better off without them.

Lt. Ian Davidson, a Truebred, is in pain and on the run. He has put in a transfer and is on his way to a new post.a post that is far away from his controlling father as possible. Unfortunately he has missed his connection and is now stuck at a transfer center. Ian doesn't realize that the reason he is in so much pain is because he is a bonded, a listener, and the people around him are causing the pain because he is untrained and unbonded. The only way he can deal with his pain is by being drunk so he heads off to find a bar and a bottle.

Sgt. Nathan Williams is a bonded but his bond mate and partner is dead. And now he is holding onto his sanity by a thread. He and his men are at the Rec Hub having a few drinks when a fight breaks out. Not wanting his hot headed men involved he starts to herd them out of the place when he spots Ian in the middle of the fight. Nate's medic realizes that Ian is a listener and a bonded that is unbonded. The moment Nate sees Ian the bonding begins between the two men.

What follows is a rollercoaster of emotions.

Gwenna's story proves my opening statements. I just found a new author who will be put on my must read list.

Book Blurb for VN2

One man wants to die. The other wants to be left alone. Bonding will change everything.

Ian Davidson is a Truebred, son of a general, and a soldier uncomfortably destined for an officer's role in the military. Worse, he's got a gift; he can read other's thoughts and feel their emotions. His father has used him to get ahead in his own career despite the fact that Ian can't quiet the voices in his own head. But when the Bond chooses Nathan as his mate, the pain ebbs and the voices cease. If only he could be sure bonding with Nate doesn't mean he's going to be controlled by a partner as much as he's been controlled by his father, and his destiny.

Several months ago, Sergeant Nathan Williams lost his Bond partner in battle and along with it, his will to live. But a trip to the local recreation hub for black market supplies buys him more than he bargains for - a Bond with a new partner, Lieutenant Ian Davidson. There is something about Ian that forces Nathan to believe that the Bond between them could be stronger than his previous one. If only he can convince Ian to give in and give the Bond a chance.

When Nathan is captured on VN2, the worst post in existence, Ian is forced into new territory that he's not familiar with - the leadership of a reluctant special forces team and his newly discovered feelings for Nathan. The struggle to accept the Bond spills into the battlefield, and Nathan is pushed to the brink with memories of his old Bond. It becomes sexual tension hell as event after event threaten to tear the couple a part when both want nothing more than to tear each other's clothes off.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.50