Unexpected Guest

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Unexpected Guest

Unexpected Guest by Andy Eisenberg was a beautiful story. Not only was it a story about finding love it was a story of self awareness.
Dan Anderson has just ended a ten-year marriage. He has moved into his mom’s home to fix it up and sell it for her. Thinking that the new neighbors, Brendan and Jaden, who have just moved in next door, will be turning the house into some sort of frat house Dan introduces himself to them and explains his situation. Although he makes some embarrassing comments to his neighbors they all straighten out their misunderstanding and become fast friends inviting Dan to their housewarming party where he meets Ethan.
Dan and Ethan become fast friends and Ethan offers to help Dan fix up his house. Ethan moves in to make things easier with all the construction and along the way their friendship starts to blossom into something much more.
In this story Dan learns that everyone in life needs to make up their own mind and face their own fears in life without the influence of other people.
I loved this story! It will make you think and laugh. There are some hot m/m scenes.

Book Blurb for Unexpected Guest

m/m, contemporary

Page Count: 230

Dan Anderson has a lot on his plate. He’s just out of a lackluster ten-year marriage. He’s moved home to help his mother fix up the family house to sell. He’s made new friends with the neighbors, Brendan and Jaden. He’s got a challenging job in the IT department at the area hospital.

He also has the possibility of new love in his life in the form of the handsome Ethan, who is helping Dan remodel the kitchen. Then work throws a major wrench in Dan's path, and life and love will get a lot more complex as he struggles to reconcile his new relationship with the reality of workplace harassment.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.25