Trusted Bond

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Trusted Bond

Sequel to Change of Heart

Take a magic carpet ride into Mary Calmes next installment in her were-panther series, Trusted Bond.

Jin Rayne the Reah of the Mafdet tribe and his true mate and leader of the Mafdet tribe Semel-re Logan Church are back.

Jin is not home when Logan returns from his trip. Jin is hiding out trying to heal from an attack and attempted rape which took place in their home.

Before Logan can avenge Jin and kill the attackers Jin, Logan and most of the inner circle of the tribe are attacked again and this time Jin is kidnapped and whisked away to Egypt.

Jin escapes his prison and searches for help but ends up a prisoner again by a new threat. Every Semel wants a Reah and Jin is the first one anyone has seen in a long time. But Jin belongs to Logan they are "true mates" and no one will stand in his way of keeping Jin where he belongs and that is by Logan's side and in his arms.

Mary Calmes stories are always wonderfully written and full of drama, excitement, passion and hot steamy sex. And Trusted Bond is no exception.

Reading any of Mary's stories will transport you into the world in which the story takes place where you will meet new friends and see wonderful places.

To really enjoy this story you need to read Change of Heart, the first story in what I hope is a very long series. You won't be disappointed.

Book Blurb for Trusted Bond

Jin Rayne is having trouble adjusting to the new life he's supposed to love. Instead of adapting to being the mate of tribe leader Logan Church, Jin can't get past the fact that his lover was straight before they met. He's discovered the joy in belonging to Logan but fears his new life could disappear at a moment's notice, despite Logan's insistence that they are forever, end of story.

Jin wants to trust Logan, but that desire will be put to the test both by a rival tribe leader and by a startling revelation about Jin's existence. At stake is Jin's life and his place in the tribe. If he's going to survive to see Logan again, he'll have to release his fear and freely accept the bond, for only then can he truly trust.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 5.00