Sugar Creek Sara's Mates

Book 3 of Sugar Creek series

Normally when I write a review for a book I try to find something good to say about it…. for all 3 of the Sugar Creek series by Becky Wilde here it is.

If you like reading about lots of sex with multiple partners read these books. But please be aware that is the only good thing about these stories. And even that is a repeat of the same thing over and over and over again. The plots if you can call it that is nonexistent the characters are basically the same (only their names and ranks have been changed) but the story line is always the same with very minor changes.

Women who have problems with men, brothers who are wolves meet said women who turn out to be their mate, brothers claim women without their consent and women have fits about it.

In Sugar Creek Sara’s Mates the slight twist in this book is Sara Wise, Melissa’s sister, from Sugar Creek 2, meets her two mates at Melissa’s wedding, Tony and Chase Avero. The two brothers claim Sara and make her their mate without her consent. Sara doesn’t have any problems with a man until after she becomes mated. She too ends up a werewolf when her life becomes threatened.

If you like a book about people having sex all the time this is for you. But if you are like me and want to read something with a decent plot and some depth think twice.


Book Blurb for Sugar Creek Sara's Mates

Sara Wise is dragged from her bed by two huge hunky werewolves pounding on the door to her cabin, after the celebration of her sister's wedding, Melissa to her two mates.

Chase and Tony Avero try to drag Sara back to their cabin so they can talk to her and get to know their mate. Sara is not impressed at being hauled from her bed at four o'clock in the morning and tries to clobber the two men with a tree branch.

She is no match for the two huge men and finds herself ensconced in their cabin. Sara is so angry she mouths off at them which unbeknownst to her sets her mates blood on fire. Tony and Chase end up seducing Sara and claim her as their mate.

Sara escapes from the two dominant werewolves and doesn't realize she is being stalked by a rogue werewolf.

Will her mates get to her in time or will they be too late?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 2.00