Shane's Fury

Lost Shifter, #10

Shane is a leopard shifter and an assassin with the Feline Coalition. He is searching for his mate Trevor who has been kidnapped by a bunch of snake shifters.

Trevor is a panther shifter being held prisoner by Orion the head of the cobra shifters. Orion wants to punish Shane for trying to kill him by torturing Trevor.

Orion the cobra shifter is in the slave market. "Why hunt for your food when you can dine in" and breed a bunch of other shifters. Dinner is at your disposal.

When Shane finally rescues Trevor will the two of them be able to repair all the psychological damage that they have suffered?

In this tale you get a little "Kill Bill" action with some strange play on "Princess Leia and Jabba the Hutt" thrown in. You have so many different kinds of shifters this story may make your head spin.

There is also a sub story in this book. It would have been much better if it stuck to only the two main characters.

Book Blurb for Shane's Fury

Warning: This book contains a menage scene.

Shane never prepared to do what no other Leopard shifter had done before and that was fall in love. Try telling that to his heart, though, because from the first touch of a certain Panther named Trevor, there was no turning back for Shane. Then just as Shane found his mate and true happiness, Trevor is brutally torn from him when a Cobra shifter, bent on revenge, captures the Panther. Now Shane finds himself helpless as he scrambles to find his lover before the Cobra enacts his final act of vengeance and kills Trevor.

Ever since his captivity, Trevor has known pain. He's known degradation. He's known terror. However, he also knows that Shane will be coming for him. And gods help the Cobra when Shane finally does arrive because hell hath no equal to a Leopard's fury. Trevor only hopes that Shane finds him in time, or else all hope will be lost. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.00