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Tired of Weres and Vampires then why not try gargoyles! Mary Calmes novella Romanus is a fast paced super read with some wonderfully interesting characters.
Fireman Mason James is on his way home after double shifts. He stumbles upon an elderly man wandering down the road naked. After convincing the older man (who happens to be snarling and acting downright strange) that he means no harm Mason wraps the gentleman in a blanket and puts him in his truck. Mason wants to take the man whose name is Fabron to the hospital but Fabron points him in the direction of his home.
Mason thinks he has stumbled on to a nudist colony when he arrives at Fabrons home. He’s tired, out of sorts and a little pissed that no one was keeping their eye on the older gentleman. He confronts the people in charge. After being assured that Fabron was in good hands Mason tries to leave. He knows something strange is going on but he can’t figure out what it is or why these people want him to stay.
Mason is introduced to Luc Toussaint a man Mason can’t keep his eyes off of. Things start to fall into place when he starts spending time with Luc. Mason also learns things about himself in the process.
What a great change of pace. I just loved the concept of gargoyles and hope to read any sequel Mary Calmes see fit to write.

Book Blurb for Romanus

Stopping to offer help one sultry summer night, Mason James is unprepared for the change that this simple act of kindness will bring. After giving an old man a ride home, Mason discovers a new, magical, and even dangerous world he cannot hope to understand. But he also finds Luc Toussaint and is intoxicated at first sight... and even the secret Luc protects won’t be enough to keep Mason away from the truth of his heritage and their love.

A part of the 2010 Daily Dose Set, Midsummer's Nightmare, which includes 30 M/M stories of supernatural romance that may feature an edge of suspense and heart-pounding fear; a taste of the paranormal worlds of ghosts, vampires, and werewolves; and even the stuff of nightmares and dreamscapes.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.25