Red Lights and Silver Bells

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Red Lights and Silver Bells

Red Lights and Silver Bells by Stephani Hecht is part of her EMS Heat Series. If you’ve read any of Stephani’s EMS books (and if not you really should) you have already met Dylan his partner Kaleb, Dylan’s brother Lucas and his partner Matt. Who are all very hot, sexy men who work in the city of Flint.

In this particular book Dylan is feeling kind of down. With the holidays approaching he misses his family. Oh he has his brother with him but he still misses his sisters and other brothers as well as his parents even though his father beat him very badly when he came out to them. Besides missing his family Dylan also finds out he has to work on December 25th. He is after all the newest member of the EMS dept.

One of the bright spots during the holiday season is a visit from Dylan’s younger sister Becca. Becca has been kicked out of her parents’ house as well and needs a place to stay. While staying with Dylan and Kaleb, Becca tells her brother that he should tell Lucas what their father did to him but Dylan is adamant about not having Lucas find out. Unfortunately people don’t always get what they want.

Stephani Hecht is a wonderful author and her EMS Heat Series is definitely a winner I wish that instead of getting a wonderful appetizer of a story I could get a full entrée. But any way I can get it I’ll continue to read this series as well as her other stories. 

Book Blurb for Red Lights and Silver Bells

Since Dylan has found a home in Flint and the perfect man to share it with, life should be great. However, as the holidays approach, he finds himself being haunted by his past more than ever. Cut off from the rest of his family, this will be the first Christmas away from them and while it was they who shoved him away, Dylan continues to miss his parents. While he still has his brother, Lucas, things between the two have become more stressful than ever as they fight to come to terms with their past issues. Then Dylan gets the news that he will be having to work on Christmas and he sinks further in his holiday induced pity party. While he loves his job as a paramedic, the last thing he wants to be doing is spending the holiday away from his boyfriend, Kaleb.

Kaleb can see that Dylan is struggling with a bad case of Christmas blues. He wants nothing more than to make his man happy again, but everything Kaleb does only seems to make things worse. Kaleb knows something has to change and quick though, before Dylan pulls completely away. Will Kaleb be able to turn things around in time or will he forever lose Dylan? 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.75