Mistress Rules

If you are looking for a story about a strong women who can control 2 equally strong men read Mistress Rules. Christine D'Abo has been able to write a fem-dom story with people who are caring and yet still strong enough to admit what they need. Stella is a Domme with a heart of gold. Ulric and Faris are very like able but I felt that they were only 2 dimensional.

Book Blurb for Mistress Rules

When Faris steps into his friend and mentor’s inner sanctum, he doesn’t expect to find Stella—a leather-clad Dominatrix. He can only watch as Ulric, the most powerful man in the sector, drops to his knees and throws himself at Stella’s mercy. Faris must decide whether to walk out the door, leaving his friend behind, or to put himself into the hands of a woman who demands nothing less than his absolute surrender.
Ulric knows Faris holds himself responsible for the devastating attack on the colony outpost. If Faris doesn’t learn how to forgive himself, the young man will be on the road to emotional disaster. His only hope is to convince Stella to bring Faris into their lives as another submissive. Ulric must now put his feelings for Stella on the line while holding tight to the man he desperately wants beneath him.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.25