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If you believe that people deserve a second chance and that there is such a thing as “happily ever after” then you need to read Home by William Neale. He is a true believer is both with this story.
Lucas Reed is back in his hometown of Moorestown a small city in Tennessee smack in the middle of the Bible belt. He is there to bury his father whom he hasn’t seen in five years. Lucas was thrown out of his house after the death of his mom when he told his dad he was gay.
While greeting the mourners at his father’s wake Lucas is shocked to see Rogan James the bain of his high school days standing in front of him offering his condolences.
Deputy Chief of Police Rogan James is so very happy to see that Lucas is home. Rogan wants to make amends. You see he always had a secret crush on Lucas but didn’t know what to do about it. So like any little boy who likes a little girl would show his affections by pulling her hair, Rogan would taunt and call Lucas names. Rogan wants to come clean to Lucas. He wants a second chance.
When someone from their past outs the two men friends, co-workers and family turn their backs on them. Can love conquer all?
With William Neale it sure can!
This story left me feeling happy and very upbeat. I would definitely recommend it to all.

Book Blurb for Home

Lucas Reed is a big city advertising executive who must return to his small southern hometown after the death of his estranged father. There, he unexpectedly encounters Rogan James, the boy – now man – who had cruelly taunted him throughout high school with insults and accusations that Lucas was gay. Rogan had been the school’s star football player and the dream date of every girl. But deep inside his handsome stud jock persona, he held a closely guarded secret: his own strong attraction to Lucas. Now reacquainted 12 years later, the two finally acknowledge a powerful physical attraction that quickly evolves into an even stronger emotional connection. But their plans come crashing down when they are outed in the local newspaper by an unscrupulous reporter. And Rogan, as the town’s popular deputy chief of police, stands to lose his job, his reputation, his friends, and even his family’s acceptance. But all this becomes secondary when they discover that another man's deranged obsession for Rogan is a serious threat. Together, they face a crisis that could mean the end of not only their newly found love, but their very lives.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 5.00