Want to give that someone special in your life a very special gift? Tell them to make a list of their deepest, darkest desires. The things they have never told anyone in their lives. Things only they have dreamed of. Tell them you will never make fun or tease them about those desires. Then grant them those desires.

That is exactly what happens in the short story GIVING by Charlotte Stein.

Clarissa Levinson grants her boyfriend Oliver all of his birthday wishes. He wants to give up control to be dominated but has never been able to voice those needs until Clarissa.

Although this was a short story Charlotte Stein has hit a home run. I think everyone should have that special someone and after reading this story so does Charlotte. 

Book Blurb for Giving

Clarissa Levinson’s boyfriend has asked for a very unusual birthday present this year. He wants her to fulfill three wishes, and all of them require Clarissa to push her own personal boundaries and become the boss not just at work, but in the bedroom as well.

His kinky demands initially make her nervous, but the more she gives him what he wants, the weaker her inhibitions become. In fact, she’s starting to really like being the one in charge. Who knew domination could be so much fun? 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.50