Gay Since Today

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Gay Since Today

Book six in the G-A-Y Series

Gay Since Today by Kim Dare is a great short story. Tyler Harris is a sweet young college student who is a gay submissive. James Ford is a young hunk who has finally decided he is ready to step out to the closet and embrace who he really is, a gay dominate. After a few “rewinds” Tyler and James end up with what they both want.

If your looking for a fun easy read try this !

Book Blurb for Gay Since Today

Short Story
Ford's hidden everything about his sexuality his whole life. Tyler says he can accept everything about him. But can he?
Tyler knows he's wasting his time fantasising about Ford. The guy he's had a crush on for months might make a wonderful dominant, but a straight dominant never did a gay submissive any good. It's time he stopped wasting his history lectures wondering what his life would be like if he belonged to James Ford.
Ford's had enough. A man can only stay in the closet for so long. It's time he came out and made his peace with who he really is. And if he can get a date with the cute guy from his history lecture, so much the better.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.25