Gay Pride

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Gay Pride

Gay Pride by Kim Dare is a short story with two main characters. William Crenshaw is a BDSM Master who is involved in the gay pride movement and hasn’t had the time to hit the leather clubs. Jayden Granger is a young submissive who wants very desperately to meet Chenshaw after hearing him speak at a rally. Needing a little liquid courage and wrapping himself in a rainbow colored flag he shows up at Williams door.
Even though it was just a short story I wish Kim would have gone a little more in-depth with the story and her characters. All in all it was a sweet interlude.

Book Blurb for Gay Pride

Short Story
Book seven in the G-A-Y Series 
A naked submissive and a rainbow coloured flag, what gay dominant could resist? 
Crenshaw hasn't had much time to hit the leather clubs since he got really involved in the gay pride movement, but when he finds a drunken submissive standing on his doorstep wearing nothing more than a rainbow coloured flag, it's obviously time for him to get back into the game. 
Jayden might not be really into the whole gay pride thing, but he's very proud of his plan to get Crenshaw's attention. All he has to do now, is convince the older man to keep him around once he's sobered up. 
Reader Advisory: The stories in this series are connected solely by theme. They can all be read as stand alone titles and read in any order.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.50