Crossroads Showdown

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Crossroads Showdown

Crossroads Series, #3

Crossroads: Showdown by Keta Diablo is the third book in her Crossroad Series.

Three little girls from West Virginia have gone missing. One of them is the daughter of a judge with ties to the FBI.

Once again Special Agent Rueben Hayworth has asked PI Frank McGuire for help.

Frank has a special "gift". He is able to communicate with his "Inner Spirit" and Heyworth knows Frank has a pretty good track record in solving cases.

While meditating about the case Frank accidentally calls forth a ghost named Cricket. It seems Cricket wants to help Frank with his case.

Rand Brennan doesn't want to be a doctor. He wants to be a private investigator like Frank or a cop like his dad.

Rand is the son of Quinn and Emily Brennan. Quinn, who was Franks partner on the Baltimore police department was shot and killed in the line of duty.

So now Frank is trying to find out what happened to the little girls, he has a little ghost girl attached to him and his young lover is now blackmailing him.

Will Frank find the missing girls? Will he find out who Cricket is and how to bring her peace? But most of all how will he deal with not only being blackmailed by Rand but how he really feels about "the kid"?

Although I like this Crossroads story better than Keta's first two books I wish Keta would spend more time on Frank and Rand's relationship. Franks cases are interesting and always keep me guessing but his relationship with Rand is so much a part of the story yet not enough time is spent exploring their feels for one another. I'd also like to find out more about Rueben Hayworth. There's just something about him. I can't wait to start Keta's next Crossroads book Crossroads Shadowland.

Book Blurb for Crossroads Showdown

Warning: This series has elements of intense, graphic male/male sexual activity

Tough PI Frank McGuire agrees to help the FBI locate three abducted children from a small town in West Virginia. When Frank channels his inner spirit for assistance, he mistakenly calls forth a ghost. As Frank races against time to locate the missing girls, he receives help from an unlikely source. To complicate matters, Rand issues an ultimatum to Frank—commit, or risk losing him when he returns from hunting ghosts.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.50