Crossroads Revisited

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Crossroads Revisited

Book 2, Crossroads Trilogy series

Crossroads Revisited by Keta Diablo is the second story in the Crossroads Series.

Five young college boys, each of them found floating in the Patuxent River. The Baltimore police say the cause of death is drowning. But the parents of the boys are claiming there is a serial killer on the loose and they want answers.

Frank McGuire a retired Baltimore police officer turned P.I. is asked by the police and the FBI to take a look at the case. Frank knows there is a killer on the loose. His "Inner Spirit" has been giving him glimpses but not a clear picture. So he agrees to work with FBI agent Rueben Hayworth. You see Franks' live in lover, Rand Brennan, is a college student and Frank is afraid Rand may be the next boy on the killers list.

Rand Brennan is the son of Frank's dead partner. Rand has known Frank all of his life and has known that Frank is the man for him. But he knows Frank has some problems with their relationship. Rand won't give up trying to prove to Frank that the two of them are perfect for each other.

Although Keta explains to the reader about Frank's "gift" and his relationship with Rand I feel you may be better off reading the first Crossroads book.

But if you like strong dominate men, spanking and toys along with a murder mystery you should like this book a lot.

Book Blurb for Crossroads Revisited

The exciting sequel to Crossroads!

Frank McGuire is beginning to think Baltimore has become a melting pot for serial killers. Another maniac is stalking the streets, only this time he isn't tracking Goth girls, but gay college students. When an enemy from Frank's past appears, he sends Rand away to protect him. How could he have known the serial killer's next target is Rand?

Elements: Scenes of intense sexual activity. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.25