Code Blue

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Code Blue

Code Blue by Stephani Hecht is book 5 in her EMS Heat Series. If you are looking for a good fast paced easy read this is the book for you. This book can be read alone but if you are like me and like to know as much about the characters, even the minor ones, I would suggest you read the prior books.

Justin is a firefighter who is also working as an EMS tech due to budget cuts. After a super bad day on the job he heads to his best friends Kaleb’s house. While waiting for Kaleb, who is in the bedroom with his partner Dylan, the doorbell rings and Justin answers it.

Clayton is a young man with a very painful past. He was raised by a very strict Baptist minister father and mother. He has come to Flint to find Dylan, his first and only boyfriend.

Justin doesn’t trust Clayton but he also is developing feelings for the young man. Clayton is having problems dealing with his past as well as Justin.

When these two finally get their acts together the sparks fly.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did. I can’t wait for the next installment!

Book Blurb for Code Blue

EMS Heat -- Hate...Love, they're all the same when it comes to passion.

As a fire fighter, Justin has learned the hard way that bad things always seem to come in threes and the sudden turn of events in his life are no different. First, major budget cuts to the fire department force him to take a part-time job as a medic and his new partner hates not just him, but all men in general. Next, his rig gets stolen by some drunken bum named Indian Jack, who then crashes it into the local Planetarium. Then finally, some punk named Clayton shows up starts to stir up all kinds of trouble.

Young and way too damn good looking for his own good, Clayton has come to Flint to claim back his first love, Dylan. There is just one problem with that, Dylan is already in a committed relationship with Justin's best friend, Kaleb. Since Justin loves Kaleb like a brother, he intervenes by coldly telling Clayton to leave Flint and never come back. To his annoyance, not only does the younger man refuse to leave, but he somehow manages to get a job at one of the local hospitals. So now not only does Justin have to face that
problem three is not going away, but he has to see him every day--all the while fighting the growing attraction between them.

Then Justin learns that everything about Clayton may not be as it seem. The younger man harbors a past and secrets from which he's never healed from. Despite himself, Justin draws closer to Clayton and knows that nothing will stop him from tying to protect the troubled man. Will Justin be able to help him become whole, or will Clayton be lost to him forever? 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.75