Claimed Darkness

Once again Mia Watts proves her imagination has no bound with her book Claimed by Darkness.

Damien is a Vampire who has been keeping secrets from his human friend and roommate Dr. Wolfrk Usher a leading doctor in the field of genetic engineering. Oh Rik knows Damien is a Vampire but what he doesn't know is Damien believes Rik is The Keeper and that Damien is in love with him.

Damien is being pressured to tell Rik he is the Keeper he doesn't feel the time is right. Unfortunately Rik is bitten by a werewolf and the prophecy starts to unfold and Damien has no choice but to explain things to Rik.

Although Rik has problems excepting his role in the prophecy he agrees to help Damien. But Damien is not the only one keeping secrets. It seems Rik has feelings for Damien as well but is having trouble accepting them since Rik has always been straight.

The clock is tick will Rik be able to fulfill the prophecy can he accept his place in it.

Take a rollercoaster ride with Mia. Oh and if I were you I would bring a fan because the sex in this story is absolutely H O T!!!

Book Blurb for Claimed Darkness

After twelve years of friendship, Damien is sure he has found The Keeper, the savior of the vampire race, in human form. The werewolves have a prophecy of their own and like Damien, they believe that Dr. Wolfrik Usher is their long-awaited answer.
Rik’s long-avoided attraction to Damien shifts into high gear when the sexual and physical demands of being a changeling wolf besiege his weakened inhibitions. And Damien isn’t sure he can resist the man meant to be a savior. Coming out on top has a whole new meaning as they fight their own biases in the midst of a species war. Whether the physical or sexual battle prevails, will they embrace the darkness or be claimed in its embrace?
Reader Advisory: Includes M/M/F ménage scenes and some violence.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 5.00