Change of Heart

Think ancient Egypt when reading this story!

Jin Rayne and Crane Adams his best friend and brother in all but blood are were-panthers and have been on their own since the day Jin was beaten and banished from his tribe for not only being gay but for being a male Reah.

A Reah is a very special and rare were-panther. They are the "True" mate to a Semel, the tribal leader of a were tribe. And since all Semels are male all Reahs are always female, that is till Jin Rayne.

Jin and Crane have never been able to stay long in any one place because all Semels crave to find their Reah. But Jin just wants to be an ordinary were. He doesn't want or understand what finding his true mate would mean to him and the tribe he is destined to belong to. That is until he meets Logan Church.

Logan Church is the Semel of the Mafdet tribe. He is set to marry his Yareah, a mate chosen but not destined to be his true mate. That is until he is introduced to Jin Rayne.

Jin has his doubts. How can he be Logan's mate..the man isn't even gay!! But Logan has no doubts what so ever and will do everything in his powers to prove it to not only to Jin but his tribe and anyone else who tries to come between him and Jin.

Mary Calmes is without a doubt one of the few goddesses among erotic authors. The magic she weaves in writing her stories will pull you in and make you feel as if you are part of her stories. Her main characters as well as her secondary characters are more like long lost friends. They are all remarkable and in most cases loveable. But please be warned, once you start one of Mary's stories be prepared to spend the whole day reading, you won't be able to put her book down until the very end. And after if you're anything like me you'll be craving for the next installment and rereading her last story until the next is released.

Book Blurb for Change of Heart

As a young gay man-and a werepanther-all Jin Rayne yearns for is a normal life. Having fled his past, he wants nothing more than to start over, but Jin's old life doesn't want to let him go. When his travels bring him to a new city, he crosses paths with the leader of the local were-tribe. Logan Church is a shock and an enigma, and Jin fears that Logan is both the mate he fears and the love of his life. Jin doesn't want to go back to the old ways, and mating would irrevocably tie him to them. But Jin is the mate Logan needs at his side to help him lead his tribe, and he won't give Jin up so easily. It will take time and trust for Jin to discover the joy in belonging to Logan and how to love without restraint.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 5.00