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Sequel to A Matter of Time I & II

There baaaaack!!!! Mary Calmes has graciously blessed us with a return visit of two of her most sexiest, outrageous and wonderful characters. Sam Kage and Jory Harcourt from A Matter of Time books 1-4 in her new book Bulletproof.

Bulletproof takes place 10 years after the first meeting between Sam and Jory and three years since book 4. Jory`s business Harvest Design folded with the downslide of the economy and he is now at Synergy, a life makeover company. Sam is still a detective and is currently on an undercover assignment that has kept him away from Jory for three months now. With Sam not around to keep an eye on his husband and partner, trouble usually finds Jory. And this time is no different.

Jory ends up running from a mob boss who has the hots for him and who wants to kill him (the same mob boss Sam is currently undercover trying to bust). While hiding out in Hawaii (Mary Calmes home state by the way) Jory ends up running into an old flame as well as an ex client, and ends up with a whole new set of problems.

You don't need to read A Matter of Time to read Bulletproof, but you will be missing out on four wonderful stories leading up to it. I am so VERY happy that Mary decided to revisit Jory and Sam. Reading about them is like catching up with old friends. And I'll be keeping my fingers crossed hoping there will be another.

Book Blurb for Bulletproof

Jory Harcourt doesn't have to go looking for trouble. Wherever he goes, it seems to find him—particularly when his partner, Sam Kage, is working undercover on a federal task force.

After the recession forces him to close his business, Jory goes to work as a matchmaker and event planner. From there, it's only a matter of time before his big mouth and up-front attitude make him the rope in a tug-of-war between a trust fund baby and a drug-smuggling criminal. Then, as if that situation weren't delicate enough, Jory's undercover lover shows up working for the smuggler.

Between the men who want him and the men who just want him dead, Chicago is getting a little crowded for Jory, so on the advice of his brother, his boyfriend, and the FBI task force, he heads for Hawaii... where a serious accident threatens his quality of life. Can Sam and Jory keep the faith and prove that their relationship really is bulletproof?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 5.00