Breaking Logan's Laws

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Breaking Logan's Laws

If you are a fan of Cameron Dane and her Quinn Security Series in particular you will be happy to hear Logan Jefferies and Nate Jordan’s book is out.

Breaking Logan’s Law is part of the Quinn Security Series. We were introduced to both these men in The Ultimate Kink and then again in Saying I Do.

Logan Jefferies is a friend of Canin Quinn. Logan finally accepts a job at Quinn as the head of the investigation division after being injured on the job where he was a homicide detective.

Nate Jordan is the brother of Kasey Jordan, Canin Quinn’s wife. He ran to his sister after receiving a beating from his best friend. Nate thought his best friend wanted to be more than just friends.

Logan’s first day starts off with his very first case. A girl is missing and since Nate is already acquainted with the clients he is assigned to help Logan out.

Both men are aware of the sparks of attraction that each of them set off in the other. Will Nate be the one to make Logan break his own personal law?

A little mystery, some danger, hot men, what more can you ask for? I am so happy Cameron Dane and her muse found time to write Logan and Nate’s story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

Book Blurb for Breaking Logan's Laws

Series: Quinn Security; Previous Book: Saying I Do

Newly named head of Quinn Security Investigations, retired detective Logan Jeffries believes in law and order. Everything should have its place. A personal life should never interfere with work. Relationships should have their own rules too. Logan lives by his own laws -- five precisely. As long as he follows them, all is right in his regimented world.

Nate Jordan wishes he could say no when assigned to work with Logan. Nate has never forgotten Logan’s kindness the night they met. In the three years since, his crush has only grown. This partnership will surely end in disaster, but Nate cannot walk away.

Quickly, Logan and Nate delve into the search for a missing socialite. Nothing else should occupy Logan’s thoughts. The only problem? Nate is determined and sweet, and working with him awakens Logan’s deepest desires. Logan won’t break his laws, though. Not even for the gentlest, sexiest man in the world.

Meanwhile, Nate is falling harder and faster for Logan every day they’re together. The craziest damn thing is he thinks he senses attraction under Logan’s controlled facade. Nate will have to break every one of Logan’s laws to capture the man of his dreams.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices, violence. 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.75