Actually, I'm Gay

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Actually, I'm Gay

Roxy Harte put into words a beautiful love story not only of a man coming to terms with himself bout of an amazing story of a fathers love for his young Autistic son in Actually I’m Gay.

Colin MacNeill is a lawyer who is married to a women he loves and cares for but is not “in love” with. After having a fight with his wife he finally admits to her he is gay. Colin wakes the next morning to find his wife has left not only him but his son Kerrigan.

Not knowing what to do or how to care for his son, his law partner tells Colin about a summer camp called Camp Hope for Autistic children. After some cajoling from his partner (who has his own motives for keeping Colin’s mind on his work) and soul searching from Colin he agrees to send Kerrigan to this camp. This is where Colin meets and falls for Phillip Beauregard Delacroix (Beau) the camp director.

What follows is a heartwarming, heart aching story of love and understanding. This story has so much depth and feeling I dare you not to shed a tear or two. 

Book Blurb for Actually, I'm Gay

The day after Colin MacNeill admits to his wife of nine years that he might be gay, he wakes up to find himself alone with his five-year-old autistic son, Kerrigan. It wasn't supposed to work out this way. He and his wife were best friends and his sexuality shouldn't matter. They should still be able to live under the same roof and raise their son together, right? What would be the harm if they both took secret lovers?

His day doesn't get any better when he has to take his son with him to the office and his boss suggests he take some time off...because obviously he has a lot to deal with, and bringing his son to the office isn't going to work out. His boss also takes the liberty of suggesting a summer camp for disabled children, and although Colin finds the idea of abandoning his child to the care of others abhorrent, he feels he doesn't have a choice. As a top-notch corporate attorney, he can't be expected to leave his clients hanging. Especially when the biggest case of his career is mere weeks away from trial. At least having his son at camp would give him time to locate his wife and try to convince her that his suggestion could work.

Meeting the camp's owner, Beau Delacroix, turns Colin's world upside down. His insane attraction to Beau is an impossible situation. The man is going to be working with his son all summer and an affair would be completely inappropriate. Besides, the ease with which Beau bonds to his son makes Colin feel like a hopeless failure.

Beau Delacroix never intended to become the director of Five Rivers, a summer camp for mentally and physically handicapped kids founded by his grandfather fifty years before, but he discovers too late fate has a sense of humor, putting him in the one place he never wanted to be only to discover he loves the camp and the kids. When the camps funding gets cut, he needs a lawyer and fast; Colin MacNeill seems like a godsend except for the fact that they can't stand to be in the same room together. And the even crueler twist of fate makes Colin MacNeill the hottest man he's ever come face to face with.

Can Beau get Colin past first impressions and convince him to help save the camp? One thing's for certain, it's going to get pretty hot at Five Rivers this summer...

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 5.00